Quick info: ChronicPets

This is a community website for those with a Chronic illness to join together with understanding and patience for hope.

Many people with a chronic illness either have / or want a service animal or emotional support pet.

Those's without a chronic illness will be able to view the website and anything that is public. They will be unable to join as a chronic member though, they may join the website to subscribe to articles which helps spread the awareness of chronic illnesses.

Please remember, just because someone doesn't have a chronic illness does not mean If they don't have someone in the family or a friend who does in fact have a chronic illness.


You can register to join at any time. 

Please understand that you will receive a confirmation email yet it may take up 24 hours to arrive in your inbox and don't forget to check your spam as well.


*Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Apologies! We're currently Under Construction. SORRY!


Uplifting Quotes

A place with happy thoughts, along with the dark truth of chronic illness; funny memes & helpful advice to help you get through the day.

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Join the Group

Only people with a diagnosed chronic illness can join the private members section. You don't need medical records of proof to qualify and you don't need a pet in order to join.

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Invisible Illness Awareness

Just because a chronic illness is invisible to the public, does not mean it doesn't haunt each individual afflicted when no one is looking.  No one goes out when they're very ill, so obviously someone with a migraine wouldn't go outside.

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