Guinea Pig information

I was filling out an application for an apartment and I ended up giving them this information… 

So here are some interesting facts about guinea pigs and what my guinea pigs are specifically trained to do. Also, all of my guineapigs are girls/female.

I do hope things below gives you all of the answers you need or may simply be curious about. Either way, enjoy! 

Quick Common Guinea Pig Facts:
•The average guinea pig has a total of 14 toes.
•They do not bite, unless being physically provoked.
•Guinea pigs are heard type animals, having two or more are commonly recommend. I have three.
•Females almost never weigh more than 3 lb each, unless they are of the larger cavy breed.
•Often are curious and easily learn overtime.

Cute notes:
•They do three different things for sign language.
Give me treat, play with me, I’m super comfy.

Cage Facts:
Their complete setup takes no more room than a 3-seater sofa, I can make it smaller or larger such as a two-seater sofa or the size of a dining table. *Usually 9-6 ft long by 3 ft wide.  About the size of a common human twin bed.

For the most part they are in their cage, in my lap, on their small dog bed on a chair, in a bucket or in their carrier. I have a tarp that I put around their cage. They get floor time only in one room with a fence blocking the doorway.
*They do not run loose for their own safety.


Vet Information:
Guinea pigs are indoor animals and therefore do not require deworming or other vaccines that would be normally given to cats or dogs unless medically required by the vet for some kind of injury due to another animal getting inside and attacking the guinea pigs. An example would be a dog with rabies, a squirrel biting the guinea pig, etc. If they do not come in contact with other animals then they do not have such problems. It’s not like you’ve give all that kind of stuff to a hamster, that’s don’t do that with guinea pigs unless they have surgery.

Other Medical:
Human illnesses / viral infections cannot be passed on to guinea pigs from humans or vice versa. However, bacterial infections such as bronchitis can be transferred from human to guinea pig or vice versa. I have a special med kit specifically for my guinea pigs and I know how to treat the majority of their illnesses which they rarely and or never get. I do not let sick people handle my guinea pigs. I have hand sanitizer specifically for people who want to pet my guinea pigs before and after.

Common illnesses:
-Vitamin C deficiency, very easy to treat on my own.
-Bumblefoot/similar to bunions, I simply soak their & wash feet; Yes, can treat it on my own.

Common Enough: respiratory infections, can happen and should be treated right away.


•Even though guinea pigs rarely never but humans they have been specifically taught to not bite people and to avoid other animals by straight up ignoring the fact that there is a dog in the room or sitting right next to them. That is for behavioral training which almost never needs to be reinforced.

•My guinea pigs know a special form of sign language that is unique to my guinea pigs alone.

•They know how to call 911 and get out of their cage if necessary, by hitting a red button -on a landline phone- painted with red nail polish, if I fall down and cannot get up. *Though, that system has been removed from their cage and I do not plan on setting that back up.

•If they smell smoke they will go off like a fire alarm with a consistent and continuous screaming sound.

•I can put a container in their cage which they will all run inside of that container, for an easy way for me to pick them all up at once in case of an emergency.

•They will growl at me for no apparent reason when I am about to have a seizure or have recently just had a seizure.

•They can turn on and off lights with a remote control that is specially made for them. I have special light sockets that plug in, which are remote controlled.

•They do other tricks but are commonly taught to other guinea pigs and are not specific to mine alone.

*Buttercup who was the best at doing all of those unique tricks has unfortunately passed away. One of the guinea pigs however already knows how to do the tricks. The two smaller guinea pigs are still learning the specialized tricks. RIP ButterCup the guinea pig.

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