Help Wanted (moderator)

Help Wanted! 

Want to become a moderator? 

This is a 100% voluntary position.

You are not required to do this unless you sign up for this particular role as a member of the chronic pets online community.



  • Your content gets published before others.
  • You can approve your own content.
  • You can approve other people’s posts.
  • You can work from home or anywhere.
  • You can do it at any time you want to.



  • You must be able to read this.
  • You must understand the basic rule of respect.
  • You must have an internet connection/Wi-Fi.
  • You must have your own device phone / pc.
  • You need to know how to use WordPress.

What Mods Have To Do:

  • You must approve at least one post per week.
  • You must approve each post into the appropriate category / section for the type of content.



It is suggested that you install the WordPress app on your phone if you have a smartphone that is compatible, So you can read and approve or mark as spam on the go.

If you cannot tell if something should or should not be approved, mark it to be reviewed.

If you don’t entirely know how to use WordPress but you’ve been a moderator on other websites or in chat groups, this should be fairly simple for you to figure out on your own.

It’s necessary to have an internet connection and it doesn’t necessarily matter which kind.

It is best if you have your own device such as a desktop computer, laptop or even your mobile smartphone… Though, a public library computer is not the best of choice, it is an okay option.



  • You are required to “actually” read the content of others before you approve their post.
  • There is no payment for this voluntary job.
  • People will be relying on you to approve their content and to not approve inappropriate things.



  • There are no set hours.
  • You can do it a minimum of once a week.
  • You get to be featured on the moderator page.
  • You get to have your website displayed underneath of your name on the mod page.
  • You get more contact with members than other members do with each other.
  • Your messages to the administrator take a priority position above the other members.


If you want to become a moderator, post a comment saying so or contact me through Facebook Messenger @chronicpets


More information….

More Information…

Here are details of what mods should do & how to make things so much easier for yourself.

It is highly recommended that you download and install the WordPress app on your smartphone. It works with Android and iPhone. It is 100% free to download and use.

Here is the link for Android phone:

Here is the link for iPhones:



Just go to the chronic pets website and make an account. Then to make things even more simple you can download the WordPress app that can work on your cell phone to approve or unapprove comments, same with the forms.


•Just click register, to sign up / join, rather than sign in at the top of the page.

•After downloading the WordPress app to your smartphone device, then just add the site.

• To gain access, you will simply need to put in the website link / url and then, log in using your chronic pets ID and password to use the WordPress app.

The URL / site link domain is:


exactly as displayed in the quotation marks.

Yes, it really is that simple.


Rules & Correctly Mod

There are different groups within the online community. Each one has its own set of rules aside from the main rules of general respect.


Posts by mods will normally be automatically approved by the system and become posted immediately after publishing.


Language / Abuse (bad words)

Bad words are basically supposed to be filtered “automatically by the system by not allowing them to be automatically approved” as much as possible and a moderator can actually go in and replace the bad word with the word “blank” in quotation marks or simply *** instead of any letters.

Nothing abusive.

Bad words are okay in some sections as long as they are not used directly towards someone or to insult any group.

Example: “oh flip I got my menstrual cycle and the cramps set off a fibro flare up.”

So if someone used a curse word instead of the word “flip” in the complaint section where people go to just complain about their day, that is perfectly fine Because that section is password protected and only people who log in and are older than 18 can actually see that language.

Insulting someone is not allowed, but giving them advice is allowed as long as it is not done rudely.


In the complaining section, insulting someone or using bad words towards an individual is still not allowed but using curse words in a way of expressing oneself is fine.

If you’re simply not sure whether or not it should be approved, simply flag it for review for a different mod to look at.

Bad words really shouldn’t be used anywhere on the website except for the complaining section where no one is really supposed to respond. It’s just a place to breathe and drop a frustration bomb.

If people want advice, then they will go into the advice section to post questions and that is where there should not be cursing.


Post that obviously get approved:
•Personal advice from one’s own experiences on how to deal with whatever-  Must be under an appropriate section for such advice.

•Things need to be in their own section.

Not everyone in the fibromyalgia group also has migraines, so migraines should technically be talked about in the migraine section and not in the fibromyalgia section.

Fibromyalgia should not necessarily be talked about in the arthritis group because not everyone with arthritis has fibromyalgia and they will not likely understand what you are talking about, therefore they would have to ask you…

The whole point of the individual groups / forum sections, is so that you don’t have to be pestered by questions from potential friends whom have the same illnesses that you have yourself.

We need to prevent that BS below~

If the different sections become no longer divided, then such confusion and frustration would become obvious among the groups and therefore become too complicated with no one fully understanding each other which is the problem with our society in real life / in person these days where it’s hard to just simply understand what another person is going through while you yourself are going through something entirely different yet also probably just as stressful of a thing that they are dealing with themselves.


There are sections of mixed groups such as fibro – arthritis – migraine where all three can be spoken about and anyone with any one of those three or all of those three can join. The questions should only be under the questions section and advice can follow the questions as a comment.

Advice can also be an individual post and does not always have to be a comment.

It is fairly simple.

Mixed groups should only be made up of the illnesses that are most commonly connected to the other illnesses such as: osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, scoliosis and arthritis, fibromyalgia and migraines, IBS irritable bowel syndrome and IBS-D, migraines and chronic headaches, seizures and migraines, Peddimal seizures and Grandma seizures, migraines and vertigo, diabetes and seizures, etc.

Things That must stay separate and not be in a mixed group are such as, the most easiest example being: polyps in the uterus versus polyps in the intestines; both of which could become cancerous, if those two were combined then it would have to be a females-only section.


No advertising except for on the advertising page.  People are allowed to put their @nameid in their photos and posts/blogs. That’s not considered advertising unless it’s someone else’s @ name / ID tag.

They can use @username to call out a friend and it will actually be linked within the website to be able to click on and view that friends profile and the friend will be notified. Just like on Facebook Twitter and Instagram

  • If you know it’s spam for sure then mark it as spam.
  • If it looks like spam but you’re not sure, flag it for review.
  • Let me know if anything doesn’t make sense by tagging @chronicpets
  • If you’re simply not sure whether or not it should be approved, simply flag it for review for a different mod to look at.
  • If three different mods have already been tagged and also flagged it for review, then it’s probably safe to say that it is spam.

Once a post marked as spam or as inappropriate,  a moderator should notify @chronicpets to let them know the persons @tag_named and link the flagged post, so that chronic pets can issue a first warning to that individual.

✓A moderator can also issue the first warning as long as they do not have a trial position as a monitor.

Every moderator goes through a trial position, such as a parole for a new worker at a fast food restaurant where if they screw up on a few things they get a slap on the wrist rather than getting fired, because it is a learning process.

More info on Groups

There are different groups within the online community. Each one has its own set of rules aside from the main rules of general respect.

The different groups are closed so you have to request to join them.  Meaning, someone who has migraines can request to join the migraine group but if they only have arthritis, then they should not join the migraine group.  Their request to join would simply be denied.

People should make it obvious on their profile in their “about me” section.

Say what disorders you have in a simple list format. 

  • It doesn’t have to be in alphabetical order.
  • It doesn’t have to be numbered.
  • It doesn’t have to be 100% medically diagnosed.
  •  It just needs to be listed, in order to join certain groups and be approved faster.
  • If it’s not listed on your profile, then there is a chance your request will be denied.

Email:, using Subject “moderator” to request position. 

Be sure to send your name and facebook url for your profile, along with a screenshot attached to the email, to prevent confusion with other people having the same first/last name.

If you do not have a facebook account, then it will be more complicated to prove who you are.

Instead of facebook, we’ll need the url / link of your linkedin, twitter, tumblr and google/yahoo email address.  If you don’t have tumblr or twitter, then your deviantart and instagram profile.

Listing all of them will be helpful for yourself, if excepted, whichever ones you approve of, your profiles will be listed publicly upon the website under “staff” along with one profile photo of your choosing and a three sentence description of yourself and what you do.

You will receive a forum to fill out with answers that will also be put on your staff profile. Understand that you have full access to alter your personal member profile but not your public staff profile; you will need to submit the change request to an admin such as @MCtheGirL

You must be 18+ to be a moderator, live in the USA or Canada and able to speak english.

Email:, using Subject “moderator” to request position. 

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