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What is ChronicPets?

Chronic pets is basically a website for individuals with chronic illnesses and those with emotional support pets / service animals.
• It is a place that those people can gather and share their information about their own illnesses or simply not have to retell people the exact same thing over and over again, as that gets tiring.
• People can list their chronic illnesses on their profile page and simply never be asked about it. If someone wants to know more about a chronic illness there will be parts that are specifically designated for explaining such illnesses and where people can talk about such illnesses in the group forms listed underneath the name of that illness. People can also get advice and give advice about how to deal with their own chronic illness from their own experiences.
• Everything is to be taken with a grain of salt and anyone who claims to be a doctor on their whether they are or are not a doctor in real life are to be ignored because doctors are not legally supposed to give such information to people who are not their patients for liability reasons, which is explained more in depth further down on this page.

Just because you or someone here claims to be a doctor might actually be a doctor, does not mean they are permitted or allowed to give "doctor-to-patient" advice legally on this website.  It is illegal to do so, so just don't do it. 

By becoming a subscriber or a non-chronic member, you can view what other members post publicly but nothing that is posted privately in confidence with other members who do have a chronic illness.

Joining as a verified chronic member does have a verification process.

•If you are not a verified chronic member but you do become a chronic member, then you will have limited access.

•Once you have been made a limited non-chronic member you should list all of your chronic illnesses in order to be a limited chronic member; you would add these to your profile and share them on the introduction form along with introducing yourself.

In order to obtain verification on your profile, you will be required to share your social profile links on different social medias and your profiles must fallow/accept a friend request from chronicpets / MCtheGirL (admin).

•Your social media accounts will be reviewed to see how far back you have actually, publicly, honestly spoken out about your own chronic illness or medical complaints.

•Facebook will be the top verification media and Instagram will be considered second due to the massive amount of photos for evidence. Twitter may be acceptable but only to double up on your verification and cannot help to verify your account alone. You can always contact the @admin about this process of official verification.

You are allowed to give advice from your own personal experience with no legal liability attached to the chronic pets community whatsoever.  Chronic pets does not assume liability for such information given and/or taken.  Using such information given, you must use common sense and understand such responsibility.  You, the individual, are responsible for your own words and actions.  Even if you cannot do that, for possible mental reasons, then you are required to give up such use of legal liability for the use of suing someone or taking action towards another, including chronic pets website, upon becoming a member of this website.  If you are not willing to give up such use of legal liability then you are advised not to become a member in the first place.

Take all advice and everything said with serious caution to avoid any potential harm.


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Melissa Carlisle (MCtheGirL)

Founder & Site Development

Having multiplec chronici illnesses myself,

I can honestly relate with others.


ButterCup (the Guineapig)

Official Mascot

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