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Welcome to What's Here? A Lot! What does M.C. do? Pretty much, everything here~
Web Site Code, Free Templates, Graphic Design, Desktop Wall Papers, Post Cards, Stories, Poetry, Lyrics, Comics, Icons, Cursors,
Pin Back Buttons, Web Buttons, Graphic Alterations, File Format Convertion, Tech Suport, Sub Domains, Web Hosting, USB Devices,
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Midea You Must Obey These Usage Rules

There are many different types of midea on this web site. Some are free to use and others are only to view online.

  • Lyrics
    Are for viewing online. Visitors can listen to them online. Downloading music is aloud for personal use only.
  • Cursors
    Are free to use as long as you link back to the cursors url or main site.
    The code is free open source. The graphics are free for public, personal use only. You Must Link Back.
  • Icons
    Free for Personal Use only. If you display anywhere, you must link back. Do not use the templates if you do not intend to link back.
  • Poetry
    Is ONLY for viewing online. Yes, you can share the link. You can quote it though, only if you link back or tag #MCtheGirL & #poetry on any social media site.
  • Stories
    Viewing Online Only. Do NOT Download. Do NOT Copy. Yes, you can send the url of a story to Share.
    Yes, you can quote up to two lines though, you must link back or tag #MCtheGirL #stories on any social media site such as twitter, instagram and facebook.
  • Desktop Backgrounds
    Free for personal use only. Do NOT Alter. You Can Share. Download is Free. Do NOT remove Logo/water-mark.
  • Social Online Midea Profiles

    M.C. the GirL is on multiple social midea sites and apps. Please obey the rules of the websites you visit.

    @MCtheGirL & @MCtheGirL1
    Twitter @MCtheGirL
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