Month: January 2018

Fostering Infant Rodents 1

My past experience…. Super tiny eye dropper from vet as infant. When a bit larger when crawling, the milk soaked..

More Quick info of MC

I am a girl. I love animals and plants. Coding & designing websites is what I do. Likes: design, HTML..

Alteration Graphic : Migraine Pressure

Hi. So yeah, I made this image and you can view the original photo with the steps in between. Yes…

Quick info about MCtheGirL

I own this blog wp site and I manually code my main site along with multiple others. All I ask..

212 on January 21, 2018

I’m on Google+ Thank you for fallowing! 212 fallowers. I hope you enjoy my posts.

Nose 2 📷 GPs

Nose to Camera Guinea Pigs Sniffing Camera Some random photos of my babies, ButterCup, HonniDhal & Jalmon, my cavys sniffing..

Graphic Nausea Excuse collection Warning

This is my First post here, so I will add photos from the past along with things of the now…..

Random Cavy Photo

Here is Jalmon & ButterCup, my babies. A cavy is also commonly known as guinea pig.