Month: May 2018

Medical Air Plane Fear

I’m absolutely positively nagitive about bombs on air plains. I’ve noticed how easy it is to pass security in a..

ButterCup Poem

ButterCup, for the attitude and care. Cuteness overload with a serious belief. Tickle fights past midnight, we dare. Power that..

Reply To Post: Glynk Reply 2

My own post on Glynk. Design. Do you have Migraines? Did they ever give you inspiration or just sends you..

True Story A & B: Glynk Reply 1

A Reply To: post on Glynk “It is annoying for person A to be attached to person B, because person..

Nieve Child Like as Adult

As everyone is jugged in life, they tend to either embrace it or deny. Either it be truthful, lies, etc…

If Being Sick Were A Job…

When a real job pays less than minimum wage but having a cold got you a raise so you wouldn’t..