Month: June 2018

190 Year Old Grandma

   *Inspired my niece who wanted soda after midnight, she’s a toddler. She demanded that I believe she is 19..

Public Announcement #0001

Warning: This is my personal stuff gone completely public. Apologies in advanced. I tend to get sick often and reply..

Meemes: ButterCup Grawled

She grawled at me. She wanted longer fence time and the usual lettuce treats.  It was only a short thirty..

Before Thursday Morning

Dread deepens, with each howling of the wind, for the trash bin, has been knocked over, again. #ThursdayMorningTrash Poetry by..

Migraine Collection : 2

Gluten & Dairy / Lactose Free What’s BS vs real? Gluten Issues Just because it says gluten free in big..

If Only or Not

If being sick was a job, I’d be rich. If not responding to antibiotics was a crime, I’d be in..