Month: March 2019


Been in a lot of pain having to rest, kind of over did myself physically, while putting in together furniture..

New GP Cage Setup

From a Walmart box as their temporary setup, to their now for a new cage set up. Yes I made..

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Story: A Death I Remembered

Story Title: A Death I Remembered Date Typed: 07/26/2018 Story Written By: MCtheGirL Melissa M Carlisle* M.C’s Stories~ Category: Fiction ..

Stress = Migraine

I believe that stress has a huge impact upon a migraine. Sound of other people arguing, even if you’re not..

Story: Are They All Ghosts?

Story: Are They All Ghosts? Written By: MCtheGirL Date Written: 02/10/2019 M.C’s Stories~ Section: Fiction Are They All Ghosts?  ..

YouTube Response: Left or Right

My Blog/Comment Response to YouTube Video. Left, you’d be back in jail & extra dirty. Right, is toxic but technically..