Contact M.C.

There are many ways to contact me.

There are only a few places where I take messages seriously.  For example, if you message me on Twitter, I honestly might never see it.  If you message me on my Facebook Page, I will ALWAYS respond eventually.  If you email me without fallowing the guidelines, you can expect it to be dropped in my spam box. If you make a public comment on THIS PAGE at the bottom, I will review it and either simply approve it, mark as spam, block, etc. If requested in comment, I will respond.



Please understand that by contacting me viva social midea sites might take longer for me to reply.  You can text message me / sms So you know. Though, do to boots and spammers, I will write my number in a way that only a HUMAN can comprehend.

+1   ” 6 one nine ”    8 zero 0  ~ 1 six 2 one.

Please don’t expect me to answer any phone calls until you leave a voicemail message explaining who you are, what you want, your number for me to call back/add to my contacts, your website (if you have one), etc.

You can also use this way to contact me…