UpDate! My New Apartment Life~

This post is from when I moved partially away from my family. From the house with my family in Cedar Park, TX – then, moving in to an apartment in Cedar Park, Texas completely by myself, on my own.

Originally written in March of 2019.

I’ve had a migraine for approximately 5 days now… Aproximately 12 different boxes 😱 arrived at my the apartment today ✔️ for furniture and stuff. 🤯

*I just had to share this update with the world~

My shower cold chair -from the house for safety- didn’t fit in the bathtub at the apartment; so I ordered a new one and I just put it together. It was fairly easy to do. I’m willing to admit I have medical problem & deal with it; rather than be stupid & risk falling over. 🙄

🧐 Though, If anyone had used these instructions,
I would understand why they might fail to do it correctly~

🙃 The instructions were only -somewhat- helpful for adding part A and B to part C, the rest of the instructions were pretty much pointless 😅 and I didn’t have to read them. I only read them thoroughly after I put it together just to verify that it was done correctly.

🤔I realize that, as long as you know what I’m doing and have experience of doing it in the past for something similar in the slightest of ways, it’s extremely easy 😜 Yep!

✍️This is like pretty much literally a blog post lol

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