Love Bug


The internet can be safe yet also dangerous.  You should always second guess yourself; “who am I really talking to?” you may think it’s a friend from school when really it could be anyone imitating them.  When meeting someone in person, always do so in a safe place. 

  1. A public area 
  2. Well light
  3. Has security cameras 
  4. A park is never a good place 
  5. Bus stations are unsafe 
  6. Coffee shops are fair 
  7. The mall is risky 
  8. Always go with someone you trust 
  9. By yourself is not smart; it’s risky.
  10. Tell someone where you’re going 
  11. Set a time to be home by. 
  12. Never meet someone at your home. 

Online vs in person, is usually different. 

This is short and simple. Not much info on this yet. Sorry.