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Insta MIGRAINE Comprehension

Insta MIGRAINE Comprehension

Oh, My HAIR be like flat. At times like this, I think about just chopping it all of; for the..

The Things You’d Never Know~

The Things You’d Never Know~

The Things You’d Never Know~ Fake smile / Reality not well. … I’m fine, I will survive… No Pity. Thanks…

Migraine Attack

Migraine Attack

MIGRAINE INSTANT ATTACK I went home after this and straight to bed. Later I managed to get up and take..

Life Happens~…???

In my life respect is my number one rule towards everyone and how I would like others to treat me;..

Migraine Safety: When You’re too Sick to Care

The Reality of My Life. WARNING: CRINGE NOTICE!!!  A truly honest photo while in the process of trying to survive. ..

Alteration Graphic : Migraine Pressure

Hi. So yeah, I made this image and you can view the original photo with the steps in between. Yes…

Ikkicon 2017 Saturday

More information… here.  

Ikkicon 2017 Friday

Went to ikkicon, got I’ll, left by five.  Check my Instagram for more information… here.