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Chronic+Pets Group

Invite to Chronic+Pets NOTICE: the invite link has a time limit.http://aminoapps.com/invite/5F4G4Q9QC0http://aminoapps.com/c/ChronicPetsFirst come, first serve. Status, in order of requests.Don’t fret!..

Insta MIGRAINE Comprehension

Insta MIGRAINE Comprehension

Oh, My HAIR be like flat. At times like this, I think about just chopping it all of; for the..

Memorial Day

Because of those who served… I can go to the doctors and be okay. I can sit here faking smile..

The Things You’d Never Know~

The Things You’d Never Know~

The Things You’d Never Know~ Fake smile / Reality not well. … I’m fine, I will survive… No Pity. Thanks…

Migraine Attack

Migraine Attack

MIGRAINE INSTANT ATTACK I went home after this and straight to bed. Later I managed to get up and take..

Just fibromyalgia or something more?

http://mcthegirl.tumblr.com/post/183096483004/just-fibromyalgia-or-something-more Just fibromyalgia or something more? For your chronic illness,  Is it just fibromyalgia or something more?      I..

To All in Austin Texas

Introducing Myself to others in Texas. Hi I’m Melissa Carlisle, also known as MCtheGirL because of my first and last..

Introducing Myself (amino group) FISH

Introducing myself to an amino group…. Here is the link to this post in the amino group. http://aminoapps.com/p/pj2iz5 Hi, I’m Melissa..

Reality of a Migraine Life

Image Poetry… Go to sleep with a migraine. Wake up on and off because of pain. Finally, fall back asleep..