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Insta MIGRAINE Comprehension

Insta MIGRAINE Comprehension

Oh, My HAIR be like flat. At times like this, I think about just chopping it all of; for the..

The Things You’d Never Know~

The Things You’d Never Know~

The Things You’d Never Know~ Fake smile / Reality not well. … I’m fine, I will survive… No Pity. Thanks…

Migraine Attack

Migraine Attack

MIGRAINE INSTANT ATTACK I went home after this and straight to bed. Later I managed to get up and take..

Life Happens~…???

In my life respect is my number one rule towards everyone and how I would like others to treat me;..

To All in Austin Texas

Introducing Myself to others in Texas. Hi I’m Melissa Carlisle, also known as MCtheGirL because of my first and last..

Story: Handles Helper

Story Title: Handles Helper Written by, Melissa M Carlisle aka: MCtheGirL Date: Monday, 10/15/2018 Totally Science Fiction *it’s just a..

YouTube Response: Bright Side “D”

YouTube Response: Bright Side “D” Video Titled “10 Warning Signs You Have Vitamin D Deficiency” by Bright Side. @BRIGHTSIDE It’s..

Food Problems #001

I can’t have gluten, lactose, pork/ham (good bye holiday food), turcky, lamb (food & including wool), *peanuts (which is in..

190 Year Old Grandma

   *Inspired my niece who wanted soda after midnight, she’s a toddler. She demanded that I believe she is 19..