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Insta MIGRAINE Comprehension

Insta MIGRAINE Comprehension

Oh, My HAIR be like flat. At times like this, I think about just chopping it all of; for the..

The Things You’d Never Know~

The Things You’d Never Know~

The Things You’d Never Know~ Fake smile / Reality not well. … I’m fine, I will survive… No Pity. Thanks…

Migraine Attack

Migraine Attack

MIGRAINE INSTANT ATTACK I went home after this and straight to bed. Later I managed to get up and take..

Life Happens~…???

In my life respect is my number one rule towards everyone and how I would like others to treat me;..

Reality of a Migraine Life

Image Poetry… Go to sleep with a migraine. Wake up on and off because of pain. Finally, fall back asleep..

Graphic Alteration: Grandpa

Graphic Alteration for Grandpa. . .       Graphic Alterationo For Grandpa.  Posted on INSTAGRAM with steps.    ..

Meemes: ButterCup Grawled

She grawled at me. She wanted longer fence time and the usual lettuce treats.  It was only a short thirty..

Important Quick Info.

Continues… . . The original photo . Step one of alteration. Step Two of alteration. . I added some flowers..

Migraine Collection : IMPORTANT QUESTION #1

*Read the entire description and Information in photo of this post before committing anything. Thank you. …… IMPORTANT QUESTION Has..

Awesomely True To You

An unknown question was ounce asked, yet never fully understand or sent out… ~ poetry ~ Fly Away Free from..