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UpDate! My New Apartment Life~

This post is from when I moved partially away from my family. From the house with my family in Cedar..

Absolute Basic : learn some code

Please ignore the Caps vs lowercase, Etc? Thank you! Yes, I literally did this all on my phone. This is..

Introducing Myself (amino group) FISH

Introducing myself to an amino group…. Here is the link to this post in the amino group. http://aminoapps.com/p/pj2iz5 Hi, I’m Melissa..

Amino: guinea pigs 🐹, cage cleaned.

I’m on Amino in the group “Guinea Pigs 🐹” My post in amino the group I cleaned the guinea pig cage..

Cleaning Your Pets Water Bottle (Simplified)

Every single time you refill your guinea pigs waterbottles. Here are some simple steps to follow… *Give them a quick rinse..

Instagram Response: #0002

     So, if I’m walking, *with my clothes & my combat looking boots on, I look 100% normal  -Other than..

Migraine Collection : 2

Gluten & Dairy / Lactose Free What’s BS vs real? Gluten Issues Just because it says gluten free in big..

Important Quick Info.

Continues… . . The original photo . Step one of alteration. Step Two of alteration. . I added some flowers..

Migraine Collection : IMPORTANT QUESTION #1

*Read the entire description and Information in photo of this post before committing anything. Thank you. …… IMPORTANT QUESTION Has..

Awesomely True To You

An unknown question was ounce asked, yet never fully understand or sent out… ~ poetry ~ Fly Away Free from..