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Nausea Killer

Nausea Killer

Got horrible nausua with a migraine or extreme motion sickness? This might work for you and it’s free without anything..

To All in Austin Texas

Introducing Myself to others in Texas. Hi I’m Melissa Carlisle, also known as MCtheGirL because of my first and last..

Contact Issues

Online Contact Issues When someone online asks me for my phone number, I tend to get anoyann because my number..

YouTube Response: Bright Side “D”

YouTube Response: Bright Side “D” Video Titled “10 Warning Signs You Have Vitamin D Deficiency” by Bright Side. @BRIGHTSIDE It’s..

Migraine Collection : 2

Gluten & Dairy / Lactose Free What’s BS vs real? Gluten Issues Just because it says gluten free in big..

If Only or Not

If being sick was a job, I’d be rich. If not responding to antibiotics was a crime, I’d be in..

Medical Air Plane Fear

I’m absolutely positively nagitive about bombs on air plains. I’ve noticed how easy it is to pass security in a..

Nieve Child Like as Adult

As everyone is jugged in life, they tend to either embrace it or deny. Either it be truthful, lies, etc…