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UpDate! My New Apartment Life~

This post is from when I moved partially away from my family. From the house with my family in Cedar..

Amino: Migraine Support: Comment: Semi short version of my migraine story

NO. I AM NOT Asking FOR SYMPATHY. …….basically I was writing a comment and realized it was turning into a..

When That Migraine Hits

When That Migraine Hits

“When that migraine hits, ______.” *FILL IN THE BLANK. Don’t worry. I know it feels like you’re dying but you..

Nausea Killer

Nausea Killer

Got horrible nausua with a migraine or extreme motion sickness? This might work for you and it’s free without anything..

Story: A Death I Remembered

Story Title: A Death I Remembered Date Typed: 07/26/2018 Story Written By: MCtheGirL Melissa M Carlisle* M.C’s Stories~ Category: Fiction ..

How Often do You get Migraines?

How often do you get migraines? Do you get them three times a day?  Do you always have at least..

Just fibromyalgia or something more?

http://mcthegirl.tumblr.com/post/183096483004/just-fibromyalgia-or-something-more Just fibromyalgia or something more? For your chronic illness,  Is it just fibromyalgia or something more?      I..

Introducing Myself (amino group) FISH

Introducing myself to an amino group…. Here is the link to this post in the amino group. http://aminoapps.com/p/pj2iz5 Hi, I’m Melissa..

Amino: I joined a migraine support group

I joined a Migraine Support group on Amino.  Here is the link to my introduction URL. Hi, I’m M.C. it’s..