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UpDate! My New Apartment Life~

This post is from when I moved partially away from my family. From the house with my family in Cedar..

When That Migraine Hits

When That Migraine Hits

“When that migraine hits, ______.” *FILL IN THE BLANK. Don’t worry. I know it feels like you’re dying but you..

Migraine Life: What do you see?

When you have a migraine, what do you usually see? A Temporary blindness? Do you often get temporary blindness and..

Amino: I joined a migraine support group

I joined a Migraine Support group on Amino.  Here is the link to my introduction URL. Hi, I’m M.C. it’s..

Good Morning!!! Migraine~

. Today is an other Migrane day, same migrane head ache, just a different day to live on with conflict.  ..

Instagram Response: #0003

Migrane Life Collection Instagram Response 100% true for me. I’ve tried to stop but, Before I can even think, I..

Reality of a Migraine Life

Image Poetry… Go to sleep with a migraine. Wake up on and off because of pain. Finally, fall back asleep..

Instagram Response: #0003

Instagram Response #003 Original Post “URL” of whom I replied to. I completely agree and I should know because I have..