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The Things You’d Never Know~

The Things You’d Never Know~

The Things You’d Never Know~ Fake smile / Reality not well. … I’m fine, I will survive… No Pity. Thanks…

Cleaning Your Pets Water Bottle (Simplified)

Every single time you refill your guinea pigs waterbottles. Here are some simple steps to follow… *Give them a quick rinse..

Pet Poetry ~ Guinea Pigs

ButterCup, sitting upon the heating pad, with Jalmon being so thirsty below.  Just the right time for a picture. Super..

Migraine Safety: When You’re too Sick to Care

The Reality of My Life. WARNING: CRINGE NOTICE!!!  A truly honest photo while in the process of trying to survive. ..

Graphic Alteration: Grandpa

Graphic Alteration for Grandpa. . .       Graphic Alterationo For Grandpa.  Posted on INSTAGRAM with steps.    ..

Instagram Response: #0002

     So, if I’m walking, *with my clothes & my combat looking boots on, I look 100% normal  -Other than..

Instagram Response #0001

Instagram Response #0001 Instagram Response to: @migraine_support URL Link of Post: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bl0lAIEgWZR/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=e1dpyax56k01 I completely agree with you. I can’t say..

Sick in Bed+Sushi from HEB

Thank You! My dad brought me home sushi from HEB while I was sick in bed… There was shrimp, I..

Meemes: ButterCup Grawled

She grawled at me. She wanted longer fence time and the usual lettuce treats.  It was only a short thirty..