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Nausea Killer

Nausea Killer

Got horrible nausua with a migraine or extreme motion sickness? This might work for you and it’s free without anything..

Story: A Death I Remembered

Story Title: A Death I Remembered Date Typed: 07/26/2018 Story Written By: MCtheGirL Melissa M Carlisle* M.C’s Stories~ Category: Fiction ..

To All in Austin Texas

Introducing Myself to others in Texas. Hi I’m Melissa Carlisle, also known as MCtheGirL because of my first and last..

Reality of a Migraine Life

Image Poetry… Go to sleep with a migraine. Wake up on and off because of pain. Finally, fall back asleep..

Instagram Response: #0002

     So, if I’m walking, *with my clothes & my combat looking boots on, I look 100% normal  -Other than..

Public Announcement #0001

Warning: This is my personal stuff gone completely public. Apologies in advanced. I tend to get sick often and reply..

Reply To Post: Glynk Reply 2

My own post on Glynk. Design. Do you have Migraines? Did they ever give you inspiration or just sends you..

True Story A & B: Glynk Reply 1

A Reply To: post on Glynk “It is annoying for person A to be attached to person B, because person..

Nieve Child Like as Adult

As everyone is jugged in life, they tend to either embrace it or deny. Either it be truthful, lies, etc…

Important Quick Info.

Continues… . . The original photo . Step one of alteration. Step Two of alteration. . I added some flowers..