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YouTube Response: Left or Right

My Blog/Comment Response to YouTube Video. Left, you’d be back in jail & extra dirty. Right, is toxic but technically..

YouTube Response

YouTube Response to Bright Side Original video first… I left this comment SERIOUS QUESTION: did anyone find the items before..

WordPress Response: Migraine Mantras #0001

Original Post that I am responding to, and main site that displays this post.  https://migrainemantras.com https://migrainemantras.com/2018/12/07/6-tips-for-surviving-holiday-gatherings-when-your-chronic-illness-drains-you/ My Response to another WordPress..

Instagram Response: #0003

Migrane Life Collection Instagram Response 100% true for me. I’ve tried to stop but, Before I can even think, I..

Instagram Response: #0003

Instagram Response #003 Original Post “URL” of whom I replied to. I completely agree and I should know because I have..

YouTube Response: Bright Side “D”

YouTube Response: Bright Side “D” Video Titled “10 Warning Signs You Have Vitamin D Deficiency” by Bright Side. @BRIGHTSIDE It’s..

Instagram Response: #0002

     So, if I’m walking, *with my clothes & my combat looking boots on, I look 100% normal  -Other than..

Seriously: PETA Please?

Twitter Response to: Peta PETA Please?  No animal tests means more animals die.  What if I have a guinea pig..

Instagram Response #0001

Instagram Response #0001 Instagram Response to: @migraine_support URL Link of Post: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bl0lAIEgWZR/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=e1dpyax56k01 I completely agree with you. I can’t say..

Public Announcement #0001

Warning: This is my personal stuff gone completely public. Apologies in advanced. I tend to get sick often and reply..