Terms of Services

For M.C’s blog on Like it Can & M.C’s Store along with M.C’s Members & groups within this site.

Products and Shipping

All products will be shipped threw USPS and will usually arrive within seven to ten business days.

If the item is larger than normal due to being custom ordered, it may be mailed by FedEx.

Items will not be shipped over seas. Physical items will only be available for shipment within the 48 states of the United States of America.

Medical Information

On this website, do not take any kind of medical advice without first asking your doctor.

Use Common Sense:

Don’t believe anyone online who says they are a doctor; just because they say they are a doctor, doesn’t mean they’re being truthful.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: I, myself, Melissa Carlisle aka MCtheGirL, am not a doctor or nurse what so ever. I mearly share my own medical problems and treatment information that has and has not worked for me in the past so that others can ask their own doctors about such things. I do not advertise medications. I do not advertise medical treatments. It’s purely of my own personal experience –and the stories that others asked me to share on their behalf– why I post to the world.

M.C’s Hosting

Any Problems must first go threw a general diagnostic test or a minimum of a few simple questions and will be dealt with depending on the answers or test results. &

Is were all hosted websites will be listed publicly.

Return Items?

All sales are final.

Digital, non-physical items cannot be returned.

Physical items can only be returned with store credit, but this exception limited to very few items. Otherwise, all sales are final regardless.

Please feel free to give an item review? Thank You for your assistance in rating items.

Please understand that when it comes to shipping, we do our best to make sure the items are packed safely, once it leaves our hands there is nothing we can do and we are no longer held accountable.

We will take pictures of the items upon packing them, along with the front picture with your address on it and the back picture with a seal unbroken on the package. This information is not made public and is only kept in storage for legal reasons if necessary. The photos will be kept safe and your individual privacy will be fully respected.

Terms of service are subject to change without notice, so please come back frequently to recheck our policy whenever you were able.