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New GP Cage Setup

From a Walmart box as their temporary setup, to their now for a new cage set up. Yes I made..

PetTIPz : Addy the Cat

  Addy is a cat. Addy does not mind photos. Though the stutter sound does tend to wake her up…

R.I.P. HonniDhal, the guinea pig.

Rest in peace and fly away to the Rainbow Bridge.  She was rescued from a pet shop with code violations. HonniDhal..

Meemes: ButterCup Grawled

She grawled at me. She wanted longer fence time and the usual lettuce treats.  It was only a short thirty..

Review: pet blanket 1

Item is as described. Fast for free shipping. No odor. No bad smell. No stains. No dirty spots. No dust…

Meeme: Guinea Pig Say-

Guinea Pig Say- What?! ~Only Conjecture~ Are they planning to take over Or has it already happened?

Guinea Pig Approved : PetBed

ButterCup likes her new bed~ Safe and fast arrival time, about one week. Easy to wash. Directions say hand wash..